No experience with yoga yet? 

Just come by and we will help you further!

Our weekly lessons take place in a warm, communal and family atmosphere.

Originally yoga in India was only for men! Women were not even allowed to do yoga. Men (and women), be welcome for a yoga class! 

Our styles :


You don't have to be flexible or experienced, you just start as you are. Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic practice with a fixed series of poses (asanas) that you do using Ujjayi breath. The asanas are linked by 'vinyasas' to make sure your body stays warm for the next asana. Sweating is key in ashtanga, hence the towel.

We'll teach you the Ujjayi breath and the correct way to execute the asanas in the standing, seated and closing postures. Make sure to tell the teacher of any injuries or discomfort, every asana can be adjusted to personal needs.

This yoga style teaches you to get to know your boundaries and to get passed them in a conscience, intelligent and safe way.

Every sunday 9 AM : 90 minutes


Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style of yoga in which we move on the rhythm of our breath in a fluent flow from one posture to another. Each vinyasa class is different because there is no fixed series of postures. The outlook of the class will depend on the theme, body part or whatever topic the teacher picks. Each posture has different options making it accessible for everyone, so also beginners.

Every Sunday 11 AM : 60 minutes


In Yin Yoga yoga poses are held for a longer time period in order to get to know and eventually also cross your own boundaries. You don't use your body to get into a posture, but you use the posture to feel and become more aware what the body experiences. This type of yoga has a relatively calm and meditative character.

The postures we hold in this class are used to strengthen and soften our connective tissue and joints. They stretch deeper lying muscles and may also enable deeper lying negative tensions to release.

Our classes are based on the meridians of Chinese Yin and the 5 natural elements.

Advantages of Yin Yoga

  • Calming effect and better balance between mind & body
  • Regulating the energy flow in the body
  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Lowering stress and tension
  • Empowering the immune system
  • Deeper level of relaxation

Every Tuesday & Thursday 19 PM - 60 minutes