Feel at home at SimplYoga

The studio or shala is a unique and special place with a traditional Indian touch where you feel at home immediately. The little tea corner invites you for a cup of tea after class to let the practice soak in even more. Personal attention is key for us with classes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


  • If you come by bike, you can use the garage next to the main entrance door.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Bring a blanket or jacket for after class, a towel is useful as well, because after practice and sweating the body cools down quickly.
  • Don't wear perfume. Not everybody likes it and it may cause distraction.
  • Inform the teacher about significant injuries you have or had in the past.
  • Tell the teacher in advance if you don't like to be touched or adjusted in asanas.
  • Come to class on an empty or almost empty stomach. Eat 2 hours before class at the latest or eat something small and light half an hour in advance if you can't practice with an empty stomach.
  • Be on time, leave your shoes at the first floor and enter the studio in silence. Whispering is allowed but try not to talk. Turn off your mobile phone!
  • We have mats available in the studio. If you use a mat, make sure to clean it after practice with the cleaner provided. If you decide to continue your practice, it's best to buy your own mat. The ecological Pro lite Manduka mat is sold in the studio.
  • The studio also provides props for during classes.
  • Follow and like us on Social Media for events, extras and changes in the schedules.